14. 1945 –1947 Two new Publications

 After the war had ended James remained in Oxford for a while. He continued to give regular recitals and the cuttings book contains a review of one given in Norwich.

1946 Piano Playing publication

During this time he was busy promoting his ideas on piano technique in lectures given around the country.  These theories had been originally promoted in Piano Playing: Foundation Principles (1934). The lectures were gathered together to form a book called Piano Playing, published in 1946, which went into three editions.

1947 Performer and Audience publication

This year saw the publication of a new book on nerves and stage fright in public performance called Performer and Audience.  It was the result of James’ recent reading and study of new psychological thinking by Freud and Jung.  He introduced his new ideas in a broadcast talk reviewed in the Manchester Evening News 27th December 1947. ‘ Stage-fright takes many forms, all unpleasant … In an illustrated talk James Ching showed that a pianist’s stage fright may be analysed more accurately  since there is a score to refer to. A common trouble is the executant’s besetting idea that tonight this rendering must be perfect – or else.  The cure? Give lots of performances some are sure to be better than others….A sincere talk; its uncommon-sense made it valuable’.

This book which had resulted from his wartime reading was published by Hall the Publisher in 1947.  It was subtitled ‘A Study for Pianists, Instrumentalists, Singers, Public Speakers, Actors, Teachers and Candidates for Examinations.’  It was one of the first studies of its kind to be produced.